Monday, August 29
CW:SSR + Journal Set- Up, Ordeal by Cheque Discussion using Friday's HW (See Week 0 for handout)
HW:Using in class notes and Ordeal by Cheque, complete response sheet.

Tuesday, August 30
CW:SSR + Journal, Ordeal by Cheque Response Feedback, Graded summer HW is returned & Revision expectations are introduced
HW:Revise OR Submit Summer HW by Sept. 1 to improve grade (See wiki main page for link to document or pick up extra from MCLit teacher)

Wednesday, August 31 - NO Classes - Pre-ACT Testing

Thursday, September 1
CW:SSR + Journal, Race and Culture Interviews with classmates (packet page 1) + Vocabulary (page 4)
HW:Complete Race & Culture Interview + ATD identity analysis (packet pages 2 & 3)

Friday, September 2
CW: Dual Identity Discussion (no handouts), Graded Ordeal by Cheque response returned;
HW:Complete a revision of ORdeal by Cheque Narrative on loose leaf and staple to the original; Return Tuesday for improved grade