Monday, October 31
CW:Vocab Practice 4 + Unit Test Review, Monologue Performances, Typing Time while watching ARITS film
HW: Submit Draft to Google Classroom by no later than 11:59pm + Study for Unit Test

Tuesday, November 1
CW:Unit Test + Monologue Performances, Watch portion of ARITS film
HW: Using the Intro & Conclusion half sheet, REVISE your draft for intro, conclusion and citations

Wednesday, November 2
CW:Monologue Performances + Revise to improve explanation of quotes, Continue ARITS film
HW:Revise draft for evidence and reasoning

Thursday, November 3
CW:Finish Monologues & ARITS film, typing time in class for final revisions
HW:Submit Final draft to by no later than 11:59pm (Refer to Portfolio Sheet for registration information)

Friday, November 4 - Report Card Pick Up
No Classes