Monday, January 9
CW: HW Review, Quiz Review and Prep, Project Draft Work Time
HW:Study for Quiz 4 (Parts 7 & 8 + Vocab Set 4) & Finish Power of Words Project Draft - Type and print any written components

Tuesday, January 10
CW: Quiz 4, Project Workshop Time
HW: Read to page 474 + Question on packet page 1

Access Audio HERE

Wednesday, January 11
CW:Quiz 4 Results, HW Review in Internal/external conflict, In class read fo "The Accident"
HW: Finish reading to page 493 + Questions and Complete Power of Words Project - Type and print any written components

Thursday, January 12
CW:Project Gallery Walk, In Class Read "The End of the World (Part 1)"
HW:Read to 528 + Questions on packet pages 1 & 2
Access Audio for Homework Here

Friday, January 13
No Classes - Mid-Year ACT Testing